Club member
27 Feb 2024 – 26 Feb 2025
1 Year

Join chess club Janwe, explore the game and sport of chess where you can :

  • Practice in a relaxed and friendly environment with other members
  • Discover your own abilities and talent
  • Receive instructions in small groups and individually developing your analytical and strategic thinking
  • Participate in tournaments and compete among many other local youth chess players
  • Take one of 3 yearly sequential exams: Pawn, Rook and King in which we measure your knowledge and level of skill on chess fundamentals
  • Grow from novice to master whith higher level practice and training and competing against top level players

Registration fee: Fl. 25
Membership monthly: Fl. 25
Initial payment of Fl. 50 has to be made upon your 1st visit to the club confirming your membership